GP Toolkit

General Practitioners in Western Australia now have a new toolkit to help patients deal with the growing issue of domestic violence.  When She Talks to you about the Violence: A Toolkit for GPs in WA - is a set of guidelines to assist doctors to better broach the subject of domestic violence with patients. It will support GPs and other health professionals to adequately identify and better understand family and domestic violence, as well as provide recommendations on how to respond appropriately.

Research has shown that women who suffer domestic violence tend to visit GPs and hospitals more often, yet few are identified and offered support.

The Toolkit, originally developed by the Women's Legal Services NSW and adapted by the Women's Law Centre of WA to suit practitioners in WA, provides practical advice on issues including:

• note-taking for legal purposes
• mandatory reporting
• immigration and family violence provisions
• summons and subpoenas
• ethical issues such as continuing care for the patient, when the patient is the perpetrator, and when both partners are patients.

Download the GP Toolkit here

Download the Media Release here