What legal issues can we help you with?

Women's Law Centre is a community legal centre which provides legal assistance to women experiencing disadvantage in our core practice areas including:

  • Family law (children's issues)
  • Family law (divorce applications)
  • Family violence (identifying and responding to family violence, including restraining order advice)
  • Care and Protection (Department of Communities, Child Protection and Family Support matters)
  • Criminal injuries compensation (relating to family violence and/or sexual assault

How we can help

We are a state wide service which can assist disadvantaged women in Western Australia by:

  • Informing them about legal issues
  • Referring them to appropriate services for other legal and non-legal support
  • Within our core practice areas (subject to our availability):
    • Assisting with legal tasks, including drafting court documents or minutes of consent orders, writing letters to other parties or advocating on behalf of women to other service providers or organisations
    • Representing women in dispute resolution processes and at court hearings (except for trials).

Accessing our Service

We deliver our services in a number of ways, including:

  • Legal Info Line - 9.30am to 11.30am Monday to Thursday
  • The Legal Info Line is manned by our law student volunteers who assist by providing legal information or, if you require legal advice, to assist our lawyers provide you with that advice by taking further details (instructions) from you about your matter.  If our Info Line is busy, our customer service officers will take down your details and we will call you back at an agreed time.

  • Advice Appointments
  • From 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday we have appointments to provide new clients with 1 hour advice appointments (2 hours if an interpreter is required).  If you require additional support, including representation or assistance with any legal tasks, we will discuss this with you as it will depend on the nature of your matter and our availability at the time.

    Please call (08) 9272 8800 or 1800 625 122 or contact our office through this online form to request an appointment for the Legal Info Line.

  • Other Assistance
  • We may also be able to assist you with other areas of law. If you are not sure whether we can assist you, please contact our office as we can provide you with an appropriate referral if we are unable to assist you.

    Our ability to assist you will depend on the circumstances of your case and may be affected by our Centre's capacity at the time. We have limited appointments, and target our services to women in crisis and women facing disadvantage.

    If you are in a state other than Western Australia or need a different community legal centre, check the National Association of Community Legal Centres website.